Saturday, 20 August 2011

#33: Mistaken Identity

One of the pleasures of being retired is that occasionally you are mistaken for someone who isn't.

As in:  Nancy and Husband are approached by Marketing Person at The Shaw Festival.  "Can I interest you in season's passes?  You'll save a lot because the season isn't over yet!  You're not retired, but if you were, you would save even more!

This happens to us, in different ways, quite frequently. 

Am I deluding myself?  I fear that out there in Marketing Land there is probably a handbook with the heading: Flattering the Young Aged for Profit.

Then again, perhaps I'll take my flattery where I can find it.



  1. About a year ago young men started referring to me as "ma'am". I want to tell them that "miss" will get them much, much further. I don't care if I look like their mother or aunt; "miss" will get them tips. "Ma'am" will not.

  2. You a few years you'll be Miss again because they don't want to offend you. Right now, they probably think they are being respectful, but who wants that kind of respect?