Wednesday, 28 March 2012

#203: Sweet Spot

Among the stacks of mail that awaited us on our return from holidays was an invitation to a Volunteer Appreciation Event at the retirement home where I help residents who like to read.

Actually, the home is offering a choice of three events-- a brunch, a drop-in social, and an evening of bingo -- and they are all "sweet" themed, because as the invitation proclaims, Your Volunteer Support Is So Sweet...

I may go to the Sweet Social since it is on a Tuesday and I am volunteering that day anyway.

I chatted with the volunteer coordinator and remarked on her clever theme that could be adapted to three occasions and a wide variety of volunteers.

Then it suddenly struck me that I had no such volunteer event to plan this April.  I hadn't wrecked the last week of my holiday agonizing over the hundreds of organizational details.  I didn't even know if anything like that would be happening, and I didn't mind a bit.

And that, I have decided, is a good thing.....sweet indeed.

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