Tuesday, 15 January 2013

#335: Retiree Time

During the break at Qi Gong yesterday I was talking to the two women who are named Terry.

One of the Terrys was wearing a perfectly simple and elegant looking, molded white watch.  I admired it, and she held it up so that we could see the round, blank face.  Two watch-hands were its only adornment.  "It's my retirement watch", she explained.

"Oh dear", said the other retired Terry.  "That's not me at all."  And she produced her watch:  square, silver, and replete with hours and minutes all etched in black.  There was an hour, minute and a second hand.

Of course, I was wearing a watch too. (Most older people wear watches.)  But I was pleased to note that with its 12 tiny crystals and two hands, mine is a sort of timepiece compromise: not too laid back but not too OC either.  Perfect for a retiree about to turn 69, and still looking for the right balance. 

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