Wednesday, 6 February 2013

#339: 100 Year Old Librarian?

Although retired,  I still occasionally work for my previous employer as an "emergency librarian", so  I was drawn to the tiny item in today's Globe and Mail about a 100-year-old temp.  Jim Clements was a bored retiree who got back in the game 34 years ago when he found a part-time position at a security firm.

It was the "security" aspect of the job that sent me in search of more information.  I imagined him guarding something, but what could it be?  The canteen at an Essex nursing home?

The story is all over the English media.  It turns out that Jim works in his company's office a couple of days a week, and video clips show him going about his job--filing, answering the phone, shredding and making tea for the rest of the staff--with remarkable energy.  His colleagues, women young enough to be his daughters and grand-daughters, all obviously adore him.

Good on you, Jim!  And hurray for the office that finds this arrangement mutually beneficial.

But my library colleagues can relax.  I want them to know that I have no intention of becoming Ontario's oldest library temp.  I will eventually really retire.  Mind you, I might be lured back if there were ever an opening for a tea lady.



  1. You would do it with such style and elan, Nancy!

  2. Sorry about the anonymity in tyhe comment above. It would not allow me to name myself as Margaret.