Tuesday, 26 February 2013

343: Films and Frocks

As I watched the Academy Awards on Sunday night, I had the weirdest sensation at about 11:15 during one of the ads:  Must make tomorrow's lunch.  

Huh?  Some habits die hard.

Since I completely missed last year's program because I was otherwise occupied (hiking in New Zealand), I must have been channeling the 2011 Oscars which I watched just a few months before I retired.  I remember that program because I had seen a lot of the movies (and was rooting for The King's Speech) and because I knew that everyone at work would be talking about them.  I would have prepared my lunch in preparation for a staff room deconstruction of films and frocks. And I would have watched the whole darn program. How can you miss the best bits just for the sake of an hour's sleep?

Last Sunday evening, however, I was glad to stick it out for the entire four hours knowing that I could sleep in Monday morning if I felt the need -- because I was not working. Not working?  Oh no!  I would not be able to hold forth with my colleagues about:
  • Seth MacFarlane's nasty jibes (and was I awful thinking that the sock skit was funny?)
  • Frock fumbles: Ann Hathaway's strange, pale apron-dress; Jane Fonda's fierce frock (nicely styled but in an unfortunate hue that really only flatters buses); Melissa McCarthy's sad sack-dress.
  • Canadian content, including Mychael Danna's articulate acceptance speech .

Then, as I put aside lunch-preparation, I realized that I did have a Monday morning group that might share Oscar observations: my Qi Gong Gang.    And these retirees did not let me down.  In our short break, we managed to cover all the basics quickly. (Pi's success? Yeah! Jennifer's tumble? She's young; she can get away with it.)    I even discovered that one of the retired nurses in our group had seen Ted, hated it, and was not surprised by Seth's crudeness.

But she did like the sock skit.  Yeah!

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  1. Go to gofugyourself.com to get their take on the dresses!!

    PS I too liked the sock skit.