Friday, 15 March 2013

#346: Local Content Lacks Bite

I love the CBC (our national radio broadcaster) and the morning show that originates from Toronto.  Of course, I do not live in Toronto.   We are are 100 kilometers away, so it is a bit weird that I happily started my day with detailed knowledge of traffic on the Don Valley Parkway, facts about guns and gangs, and whatever story highlighted the antics of Canada's least-loveable mayor, Rob Ford. 

No more, however.  Last Monday, we said goodbye to Metro Morning, and hello, Morning Edition.  Now on the 89.1 band locally, we have our very own CBC morning show originating just down the road in Kitchener-Waterloo.  We get local news, local weather and local traffic reports delivered by a team of entirely likeable journalists including Guelphite, Craig Norris.  What's not to love?

It is early days yet, but so far this program is not kick-starting my day.  One local commentator remarked that she now needed to brew an extra pot of breakfast coffee because Morning Edition was not energizing her. I agree. But I don't think the problem is the format or the presenters--it's the content.  Dare I say that we live in a slightly boring, nerdy part of Southern Ontario?  We have an excess of universities and colleges and manufacturers.  We produce Blackberrys, Toyotas and bull semen. Yes, the K-W area is arguing about the development of a casino, and of course we are all interested, but the discussion is just not the same as the hoo-haw that erupts in Toronto when MGM Resorts (and Casinos) comes wooing the city council with a proposal to completely colonize the waterfront.

As a retiree, I suppose I should be glad not to have my blood pressure disturbed by the morning's news. Happy, beyond belief, that our politicians are intelligent and thoughtful.  Happy that there is so little crime.  In fact, many older people move from Toronto to this area because they want the guarantee of attractive, sensible communities, sensibly run.

It just doesn't make for very interesting morning radio. But, perhaps Craig and his crew will find a way to eventually include content with a bit more bite. As a start, might I suggest an item on werewolf movie-making in nearby Hespeler?  Nerdy and edgy --  it would cover all bases.

What I do appreciate about the new morning show is the occasional Guelph-centric item.  (CBC 89.1 was first to break the tragic story about a young Guelph police woman item killed recently in a traffic accident.)  And I certainly love in-depth local weather and traffic updates! This is news I could use....if I had to.  If the 410 were blocked at the Hespeler Road, I would know exactly how to avoid the problem......if I had to.  But I don't.  Instead, I just give thanks on behalf of local commuters. I am so glad that I am no longer one of them.          

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  1. Is it possible to tune back in to Metro Morning - of course that would be after you have taken in the weather, traffic and other breaking news on the K-W are? In other words, the best of both worlds?
    From my occassional listening to MM when visiting, I would hate to relinquish it.