Friday, 22 March 2013

#347: Re-Tired

Would you rather be retired or re-tired?

There is a difference. Retired folk are expected to withdraw, cease activity and go to bed.  Retirement, thus defined, is nothing that anyone would look forward to unless they were really ready to leave their job and have a good rest.  But then what will they do?  Because when these eager retirees are refreshed at last, they aren't going to want to be "retired".

On the other hand, people who re-tire get a new set of wheels (metaphorically) and take off on a new path, with a new attitude, for new adventures .

Someone recently suggested this re-branding exercise to me and I like it.  I want new wheels!  I am tired of being "retired."

In that spirit, Bruce and I have decided to join our NZ friends, John and Anne, in London for a couple of weeks in May. We will sleep on their couch, help with the cooking, and in the daytime we will do a lot of exploring.  At least that is what I expect since John tells us that he has just purchased a box of 30 different walking tours of London.  Yikes. That should either whet my appetite for further travels or send me into retirement -- the other kind.

But now I know that I have a choice.  After I catch my breath, I can once again re-tire.
The road ahead for the "re-tired"...


  1. John tells me that there is another small bedroom so we may not have to sleep on the couch (good news), and the 30 London walks are actually 50 in number (bad news), although he says many of them are short (good news).

  2. And you will discover your own walks which will probably mean even more to you than the one's in John's box. this will be a great venture for your re-tirement.