Saturday, 4 February 2012

#198: Snowbirds

The great migration is underway

Retirees all over Canada are escaping the long, gray northern winter,  which, this year, is proving to be unseasonably warm. Never mind.  The snowbirds are still heading to the sunny south and many will not be back until Easter.  

This year, I will be one of them, enjoying 6 weeks of summer in the southern hemisphere.  It will be a fabulous holiday, but I hope I don’t love it too much because I can’t afford this sort of getaway every year. But at least I am able to go on the occasional winter holiday.  Many retirees cannot.

I feel sorry for those left behind, but I think they should take advantage of our absence.  Energetic retired folk could establish Snowbird Services --  snow shovelling, plant watering, pet sitting, mail collection, etc.   These winter stay-at-homes could make a bundle looking after our stuff while we are all in balmier climes.  And then come spring when we are back in town, they can head out on a well-deserved holiday.  April in Paris?  That sounds alright.

There’s a good thought for next winter.

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