Sunday, 5 February 2012

#199: 52 Ways

At the end of my Friday shift  as an “emergency librarian”, I noticed a new book on display:  52 Ways to Wreck Your Retirement

Yikes.  Who knew? 

Driving home, I puzzled about possible retirement screw-ups.  I couldn’t think of even ONE.  Since I am working so hard at living a “good” retirement, you would think I might have some idea of the pitfalls.

What could they be?  Moving in with your children?  Watching TV 24/7 and buying multiple Slap-Chops?  Blowing your entire retirement budget on a 6-month round the world cruise?

I’m so curious, but I can't read the list until I get back from holidays (only 6 weeks and no cruising involved).

And in the meantime, I’ll have to try hard not to wreck anything.... 

1 comment:

  1. This could be fun -- let's come up with some guesses in the meantime, until you can read the book!