Monday, 12 November 2012

#320: Dressing Down

Throughout October, I was an "emergency librarian" at a few locations where employees were raising money for The United Way by "dressing down".  In other words, they paid $5.00 a day for a label that proclaimed I'm dressed like this for the United Way, and (hooray!) wore jeans to work.

I remember those days.  The occasional opportunity to break with convention in a very formal work environment and dress casually, was cherished.  Along with my buttoned-up colleagues I was beyond happy to ditch business attire in favour of a weekend look.

But not any more. Now that every day is a dress-down day, I look forward to dressing -up.  An afternoon on the job? Oh good.  I will need to look smart and well-put together.  Where's that pretty jacket, the one that looks best with a skirt?  

I would even pay the $5.00 and accessorize with a sticky fund-raising label: I'm dressed like this for the United Way! 

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