Thursday, 15 November 2012

#322: Dear, Dear

Oh, dear.  The only good thing to be said for my behaviour today is that I spoke my mind.

As I was shopping, an unctuous young bookstore sales girl came up to me and asked "Are you finished with the computer, Dear?"

I bristled.   

My husband is allowed to call me Dear.  My 93-year-old friend Kathleen is allowed to call me Dear. Anyone from Newfoundland is allowed to call me Dear. (It somehow doesn't sound so demeaning when said with an accent.)  But otherwise just call me Ma'am or nothing at all.

And that is pretty much what I told the astonished sales associate.

I don't think she really understood what I meant and she probably thinks I am nuts. Perhaps I am.

But I hope she goes home tonight and complains to her grandmother that some mad old bird snapped at her when she was only trying to be nice.  Perhaps she will get some advice about dealing with older customers.  As in:  "You are not a Newfoundlander, Dear. Just smile next time. It's safer and more respectful." 


  1. oh my...I totally agree! I got an email today from some one at work I like and respect. He asked me how to run a report, I told him, he replied "Thank you, Dear" I responded "you're welcome,Sweetie".

    A woman in TSA just had to call Dear after a pat down. I asked her not to do it again. I've become a raving lunatic over being called Dear. Save yourself!!

  2. Your daughter takes exception to me calling her 'dear' however I think I fit the '93 year old' friend category and will continue calling her such with impunity.

    1. Good come-back! I must remember to use it next time, because, sadly, there will be a next time.

  3. You have my permission. Older folks can (mostly) get away with it!