Saturday, 1 December 2012

#325: Life is Grand

So...what day is it?

I'm not really sure, but I think it is Saturday.  In the little house in Saskatoon where my sweet, new grandson lives with his new mum and dad, time is measured in successful feedings, wet diapers, and sleeps for both baby and parents.  (So far we are having a bit of trouble with the latter, but it is early days yet.  Right?)

Alas, sleep deprivation does not make novice parents feel any more competent, and even when a new mother is not recovering from a c-section, caring for a tiny infant can be an anxious time.  Never mind that the child is wonderful, amazing, adorable and all those other superlatives.

If only our darling boy would figure out that nighttime is naptime!

So I cheerlead, and say things like  "You are doing a great job!  It will be so much easier when he is a bit older".

What I do not say is "Cherish this precious time."  As far as I am concerned, parenting a newborn is only precious in retrospect.  (Besides, I know that my sleep-walking daughter does not cherish the memory of yesterday's bare-and-naked Poo and PeeFest.)

Since I have very little practical advice to impart, I have tried to make myself useful in other ways. I do a bit of cooking, cleaning, and a whole lot of cuddling.

I wonder if I enjoyed rocking my own firstborn this much?  I don't think so. Like every other new parent, I knew that it was Amatuer Hour in the Nursery.  I hadn't a clue.  I was terrified that we wouldn't get it right.  But, somehow, we did.  Our girls are just fine thank you, and this little guy will grow up to be amazing, too.  Perhaps this is what other grandparents mean when they say "It is different with your grandchildren."   Grandparents can see the big picture and they know it will all work out.

My cuddles now are without concern; they are confident and full of hope for this dear, wee soul.  Finally I can really cherish this precious time.

All will be well.


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  1. Thank you for reminding me not to forget a second of these precious times with our grandchildren.