Monday, 31 December 2012

#331: Twelve Days of Sickness

Between us, Bruce and I had our Christmas holiday sabotaged by 12 days of sickness.

It started for me on December 19 and ended December 24.  Bruce became ill with the same 6-day tummy-bug-plus-extreme-fatigue on Christmas Day.

Adjustments were made. The tree went up on December 24.  Santa was less generous, having fewer opportunities to find perfect presents.  The larder bulged with tins of chicken and rice soup, saltines, and ginger ale.  Thank goodness we had made reservations for Christmas dinner at the fancy local Inn, but Bruce stayed home with his crackers and pop.  We forfeited our Boxing Day dinner and movie (Les Mis) in Toronto. 

It could have been worse.

Had we been working, we would have had to take off at least five days each -- this was no minor virus.  And we would have ruined a 5-day Christmas break which could not be redeemed. You don't get do-overs for ruined holidays.

But it doesn't matter so much now that we are retired. We can pick and choose "breaks" as required.  We are going to Les Mis tomorrow.  And we'll have a another chance for a celebratory meal when my birthday rolls around, mid-January.

So I can deal --- this time.  But let's not make 12 days of down-time a tradition.  No repeat performances in 2013, please!



  1. I do hope you are both fully recovered, Nancy. it sounds nasty.
    Happy and healthy new year to you both.

  2. Fully recovered...Yeah!

    Happy 2013 to you too!