Monday, 3 December 2012

#326: Look Younger!

Today's "Look Younger" tip is courtesy of the friendly Korean woman who works at The Rice Bowl, a restaurant near my daughter's house in Saskatoon.

I dropped in there today to get some bi bim bap to go, and as I went to a table and turned my back to gather up the take-out dinner, the waitress who spoke very little English, rushed over from where she had been sitting with a friend. The two women must have been discussing me, because the friend gave me a big grin as my waitress declared "You looking so younger!"  I obviously didn't get it so she made a swooping gesture that took in all of my rear view -- hat, parka, jeans, the works.  Now I understood.  "Well, that's because I wasn't turned around" I replied, pointing out that face on, I definitely look my age.  And the three of us--all older women--had a rueful laugh.

Hmmmm.  I suppose we do all have a younger side and that is a cheerful thought.  I just wish I could think of some practical application -- one that didn't involve walking backwards.

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