Monday, 11 June 2012

#273: Back from the Bruce

I sort of lied--twice--about our Georgian Bay, end-of-the-Bruce Trail hiking adventure..

Tobermony was the end of the journey (not the beginning) and our packs were not as light I imagined.

At the end of our 19 km. tramp yesterday, I could hardly wait to throw off the pack stuffed with rain jacket and pants, zip-up fleece, water bottles, bug spray, sunscreen, tissues, phone, and lunch.   I guess what I originally meant to say was "on the Bruce Trail we won't have to carry dinner, cooking utensils, toiletries, changes of socks and underwear, and sleeping bags."

Incidentally, it did not rain (it was 25 +  degrees for 4 days) and there was no phone service anywhere on the trail.  But you can never tell.  If we had left the rain gear behind,  it would have rained.  That's just the way it is.

So we did carry the darn packs and therefore got waaaaay more fitness benefit from our walking than if we had just been skipping along pack-free.

That's what I kept telling myself, anyway...

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