Friday, 29 June 2012

#290: Not Losing My Mind

Have you ever lost something (car keys/wallet/wedding ring) and panicked for perhaps 5 minutes—only to experience that voila moment when suddenly there it is, right under your nose? Whew! Crisis averted!  Suddenly the world is a happy place again.  When the horror has passed, my pleasure is so palpable that I sometimes feel that it is worth the anxiety of a small emergency just to experience the euphoria of relief.

Of course, being older, I worry that I might someday truly lose the keys/ wallet/wedding ring and will never find them again because I will not be able to recall the details of mislaying them in the first place.  And I know I am not alone.  The fear of memory loss nibbles at our retired consciousnesses along with all those other aging related fears.

Yesterday, I began to worry that I can mislaid an entire relative, a sister-in-law by the name of Madeline.  I had received a note from a former colleague who confidently forwarded a tiny black and white photograph of this lady to me along with the explanation:  an older gentleman, Mr H, had come into the library to deliver the picture and details of who (Madeline) and where (Grand Bend) to Nancy

Barb, Toni, Wendy, Betty –those are my sisters-in-law.  There is no Madeline.  I was sure of it.  Our extended family does include a Madeleine, but she is my daughter’s sister-in-law. 

There was nothing to do but to call Mr. H, introduce myself, and see if we couldn’t sort this out. I hoped he wouldn’t insist Madeline belonged to me.  Finally we speculated that his Nancy worked at another desk in the library, although to verify the Madeline connection I had to get back to the former colleague who promptly contacted the probable Nancy.   And sure enough....the mysterious Madeline is her aunt. Whew!  (I’ll deliver the picture to her ASAP.) 

Librarians love to solve problems.  It is particularly nice to solve them and know that you are not losing your mind.  Not yet, anyway. 

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