Monday, 18 June 2012

#279: Rolly, the Compost Critter

I was not surprised by my husband's response to the new composter (aka Rolly).

Bruce doesn't see the point.   "The City collects our organic waste.  Now we'll have to sort twice -- green waste in one container and meat scraps and tissues/paper towels in the other."   For him, it is all about garbage.  He isn't the gardener, so he doesn't appreciate the value of turning coffee grounds and carrot peelings into rich (free) soil for my flower beds.

He also thinks that composting will be "work".  I explained that Rolly will need to be fed and exercised/rotated  regularly, and will want to sit in the sun.  I've already picked out a perfect spot at the end of our yard behind our barn (not many urban properties can boast a barn), and you would have thought I was going to put in a dog house.  Bruce's totally predicable comment:   "That's not very convenient.  It is your are going to have to do all this yourself." 

And I will. Happily. This is my retirement project.

And who knows?   Composting could be catching, so Bruce had better watch out.  If  I see him  sneaking scraps out to Rolly, I will want to suggest something even more organic.  That barn would be a perfect place for chickens....


  1. Chickens would be great! I am sure Bruce will develoop an affection for them and insist on taking over all responsibility.

  2. he should have agreed to a dog years ago....