Sunday, 17 June 2012

# 278: Lee Valley Love

My sister in law Toni and I recently made an afternoon, mid-week trip to the new Lee Valley store in Waterloo.  There were plenty of customers -- older men with serious interests and women on a mission to find a perfect Father's Day present for the practical, hobby-loving guys in their life.  But I was there on a mission for myself:  to buy a composter.

Toni, as a big Lee Valley booster, was aiding and abetting this aquisition.  She even had a composter in mind --the Dual Batch Rolling Composter-- and that is exactly what I came home with.

I love it because it is especially good for older gardeners.  The raised design makes the bins very accessible, and turning the bin will be good for developing upper body strength.  Best of all, "some assembly" was required.  The Lee Valley salesman solemnly informed us that we would need to set aside several hours for this task.  "There are a lot of screws", he warned.  "About 70 or so".  Toni and I practically clapped our hands in pleasure when we heard this detail.  A three dimensional problem-solving challenge is perfect for aging brains.  Weren't we lucky to have acquired a composter that had such an unexpected advantage?

It was Toni who got the brain-building benefits, however.  I had a meeting that evening, so she put Rolly the Composter together, single handed.  It did take several hours, and she is now all the smarter for her efforts.

I am so sorry to have missed the fun, but I have dibs on the next piece of Ikea furniture that comes flat-packed.

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  1. This composter sounds very advanced. I am very impressed and look forward to seeing it when it has done a couple of seasons. I wonder if there are such wonders in NZ and if they are within reach of retirement incomes.