Saturday, 16 June 2012

#277: B and B and Me

Whenever I stay at a B and B, I imagine myself operating my own charming Bed and Breakfast in a charming historic house in a charming little town.  What a perfect occupation for a couple of retirees.  (And in Tobermory, retiree-owned B and Bs are everywhere.)

My delightful B and B would have tastefully decorated bedrooms, comfy public spaces, and a dining room that overlooks a pretty garden featuring Muskoka chairs, a birdfeeder and a variety of flowers that bloom all through the summer.  But aside from my enchantment with interior decoration and garden design, I suspect that the appeal of innskeeping is, for me  largely social.  I imagine that I would love meeting an endless variety of people and hearing their stories.

Realistically, however,  I can see that a B and B owners need other attributes. A passion for housework -- cleaning and laundry in particular--is mandatory.  Because, while I might be tempted to bid guests farewell and then simply smooth out the unsullied sheets and fluff up the pillows on the queen-sized bed that was used for only one night, that is just not acceptable B and B behaviour.  New visitors deserve new linens.  Those are the rules.

Then there is the "breakfast" part of "bed and breakfast".  It should be substantial, featuring specialties of the house (assorted home made breads and preserves, for example) and served between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m with incredible jolliness and enthusiasm.  Since I am hardly a "person" let alone a "morning person" before 9:00 a.m,  the whole breakfast thing might be a challenge. One is NOT allowed to be a sullen, grumpy B and B host.

So to carry this off, I might need to re-interpret "B and B":  Bed and Book?  Bed and Bath?  Bed and Brandy?

Well, it seemed like a good idea.....

Maybe I should stick to enjoying the charming Bed and Breakfasts managed by other retirees. 

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