Monday, 19 December 2011

#152: RSVPositive

Confession: I am not really much of a party girl, but I do like getting together with friends.

Last week it was lunches with friends. Tonight the neighbourhood party. Tomorrow another lunch. And I can be as sociable as I like because I no longer have to explain that I am working that morning/afternoon/night/weekend/whatever. 

Library schedules are just plain weird.  In 25 years, my friends and family never did figure mine out, and now they don't have to.  My new schedule (and I do have one) is so much more accommodating.

Yes, I'll come.  Do you want me to bring anything?



  1. Other Reluctant Retiree - EP19 December 2011 at 16:33

    Hi Guelph reluctant retiree. I keep trying to post a comment and it disappears into the ether. You are definitely not alone and I will try and follow your blog from now on. You should publish it when you finish. Glad I am not alone. I am actually quite busy and most of the time happy. Regards Reluctant Retiree in Ottawa - Elaine P.

  2. Your comment is posted as far as I can see, Elaine.

    Have you been retired long? What are you enjoying most? Least?