Wednesday, 21 December 2011

#154: The Bad Part

Yesterday, I made a quick visit to my former workplace. I picked up my reserved book and then headed toward the public exit.

There at the reception desk in conversation with the library concierge were two large policemen.  My former manager suddenly appeared, gave me a quick smile, and approached the officers.

Oh, Oh. I had forgotten this part.

Someone had stolen something/vandalized library property/gotten into a fight /passed out/had a seizure/viewed child porn many possibilities of things gone badly wrong. 

Sitting with a young thief waiting for the cops to come was never the best thing about my job.

There in the parking lot was the waiting police car.  No matter.  It was time to visit my well-behaved retirement home readers.


  1. Hey N ! (and B)

    This is great!

    L and L (Edmonton)

  2. L and L, glad to hear from you! Jenny convinced me that a blog would require more discipline than a paper list if I really wanted to take on the "365 good things" challenge. And so it began....