Tuesday, 27 December 2011

#160: Time Travel

I recommend that retirees begin organizing their photographs immediately!

Don't put it off because you imagine it will be the one useful thing you will be able to do when "active living" becomes a challenge. It is a boring, picky task and will remind you of the worst parts of any job you ever had.  You need to start now.  Work at it bit by bit, and if you are sorting slides, stop occasionally to see how they look. Fill up the projector and be prepared for some surprises.

Based on our recent family experience viewing just a fraction of our slide collection, I can pretty much guarantee that you will discover the following:
  1. You took far too many pictures of landmarks, scenery and buildings and will have no clue about what they were or even which continent they were on.
  2. Your wardrobe, which seemed quite smart back in 1982, was ugly.  Really ugly.
  3. Your children, on the other hand, were absolutely adorable.  If you are fortunate, they will be enjoying this blast from the past with you, and you will be able to tell them so. 


  1. If you sort slides, stopping occasionally to see how they look. Filling out the projector and be prepared for surprises.

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