Wednesday, 28 December 2011

#161: The Secret

I have discovered the secret to successful post-Christmas, Boxing Week bargain hunting. 

Timing is everything.  You need head for the shops when the youngsters have gone back to work.

Today I scored half-price shoes at the best store in town, the one with the reputation for such cool merchandise that out-of-towners make it a destination.  Hundreds of women had lined up out the door, eager for cut-rate footwear on Boxing Day.  But since I waited until well after the rush, the shop was almost empty when I went shoe shopping in the middle of a weekday.  The sale was still on, and no one was competing with me for the last pair of comfortable brown flats in my size. 

I made such a good start, it's too bad I didn't have a longer shopping list. But I did go into a few of my favourite downtown stores just for fun.  And what did I find?  Other retirees who also know The Secret.

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