Saturday, 29 October 2011

#109: Vintage

In spite of two groups of dinner guests this weekend, I managed to organize myself so as to attend a big sale of vintage clothing in Toronto with my daughter. 

It was fun to stroll down memory lane, or "memory closet" in this case, but no vintage items were purchased.  I certainly bought nothing for myself.  I figure that if you remember wearing something, you've had your turn. 

If you are vintage, you  probably shouldn't wear it.


  1. So true, Nancy. I think it also applies to styles which existed when we were younger but didn't wear. I never wore platform shoes because I was pregnant and might fall off them or something, the first time they came round in my time. I reckon I'll never, ever wear them now and am relieved that I can say so (quite apart from not liking them anyway).

  2. My view is: been there, done that -- no thanks!!