Friday, 7 October 2011

#82: Tofu or not Tofu?

I took up the tofu challenge and made an "Asian Stir Fry" (although how Asian can a recipe from Canadian Living really be?)

It was OK.  Not marvellous, but not so awful that we traded it in for peanut butter sandwiches.  So it moves to the second round, and I will continue to experiment, as time permits, with a more authentic recipe.

Not this weekend, though.  Tofurkey is not on my Thanksgiving menu. 


  1. i will give you some tofu tips next time we talk!

  2. My vegetarian friends say that you have to get the right kind of tofu for whatever you're doing. Apparently there is firm tofus, and softer tofu. I've eaten it in stir-fry. If it is cut tiny, you don't notice it that much. It just takes on flavour from other ingredients.