Tuesday, 18 October 2011

#93: Weeds

Librarians weed books.

We refresh a collection by removing the worst items -- anything that is tatty, out of date, or unappealing.  In the absence of a circulation record, the best we can do is handle each item and make a gut decision.  Would I want to read this?  Is this a book I want on my bedside table? 

That is exactly what I have been muttering to myself as I deal with the contents of the "library" of the retirement home where I am volunteering.  But some books are easier to discard than others--those published in the 60s, with yellowed pages and squinchy little print.... in Dutch, for example.

I guess I am doing an OK job because the recreation staff seems pleased that everything looks more appealing.

I sure hope there isn't an aggrieved elderly Dutchman looking for a shabby old copy of
Hans Brinker, of De Zilveren Schaatsen.

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