Wednesday, 12 October 2011

#87: Calendar Girl

Back in June when I left my job, I was delighted to leave my giant daytimer behind.  My new life would not require anything half so large.

Ha!  The little pink calendar (just the right size for purse or pocket) that I confidently purchased as a replacement is totally useless. I have been driven to jotting notes in adjacent spaces and drawing arrows back to the correct date. 

It is not that I am busier and need more space.  I need that extra room because my schedule is more varied and unpredictable than it ever was while I was working.  Every day is a new combination of activities; there are endless screw-up possibilities.

Another trip to Staples is indicated.  I will bring the pink calendar along for scale.



  1. Pink? really? I can't picture it! you were definitely aiming for different.

  2. Will you stay with pink?
    I keep a tiny diary, too but don't write much in it as all my work stuff is posted electronically and easy to access.
    However, as an aspiring in the not too distant future retiree, I note, with hope, your comments.