Sunday, 30 October 2011

#110: Senior Moments

Last night at the dinner table one of our guests had a brain freeze.  The name of a film escaped her.  She couldn't recall the actors or any words from the title.  The movie may have taken place in Nepal, but she wasn't sure.  Five of us tried to prompt her with "twenty questions" that were intended to unlock another clue, but none was revealed.

I have this happen all the time, and it is particularly weird when it involves a group .  My book club (all older women)  is reduced to giggles when --each giving it our best shot-- we fail to recall a book title. Shouldn't 12 reasonably intelligent (but older) brains be able to conjure one bit of information?   Not necessarily.

But, thank goodness, the senior "moment" is usually just that -- a limited phenomenon.  Older brains have the time to cogitate and eventually the missing word, phrase or movie title is unearthed.  A bit late for the dinner table, perhaps, but on the tongue at last.

I fully expect an email from my dinner guest with the subject heading: Eureka!

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  1. Yes, I recognise the phenomenon. I can't work out how it sometimes comes back when one's mind is involved something else quite engaging. I much prefer it when it comes back at the end of a slow, logical process. That's triumph!