Friday, 2 September 2011

#46: Shuffle Demon

My chosen "retirement exercise" is walking, and since I also enjoy listening to audio books I can combine these two pleasant activities when I hit the trail with headphones and my new itouch.

Too bad that I am having major problems following my story.  Hard Time, my Sara Paretsky download, seems all mixed up.   It could be a "Shuffle" glitch  ( I know that much), so I reset that function, or think I do.  Find my place. Begin listening.  Become aware that the story is still crazy.  Check Shuffle.  Find my place again. Listen. Aaaaagh!  I swear that I hear the same altercation between V. I.Warshawski  and Officer Lamour eight times while Shuffle and I battle it out.  Then I  lose the story completely as my ears are filled with a Dvorak cello concerto. What is going on?  I attempt a fix.  It's no good:  Shuffle...Warshawski... Dvorak.... Shuffle..... Warshawski.... Dvorak. Dvorak wins.  I am out of good ideas and I stomp home in frustration.

My in-house consultant points out something interesting about my device.  There is also a "shake to shuffle" toggle and it is ON.

I guess that means that my pocket was not the best place for the itouch.

But now I know.  It's not too late for this retiree to become more tech-savvy.


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