Tuesday, 27 September 2011

#73: Still Addicted

One of my great pleasures while working was the opportunity to listen to books as I drove back in forth in the car every day.  One hour of listening covered several chapters' worth of entertainment so I didn't mind the trip at all.

Retirement has been a bit like cutting out carbs or only having one cigarette after dinner.  I don't drive nearly enough now to satisfy my audio addiction, so the craving is unabated.  There is no point to putting on an audio book that I have to hear in tiny bits.  What am I to do--drive up and down the local expressway listening to my CD player?

So after a difficult start, when I had to learn how to keep the story from shuffling, I have learned to love audio books on the  i-touch.  I hook it up to a portable speaker and carry it to any room in the house; I am able to peel carrots, brush my teeth, lift weights, apply make-up and "read".

And I can walk with earphones and the i-touch to my heart's content.  It's a good thing I don't have a dog.  He would be exhausted.

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