Monday, 12 September 2011

#58: Trifecta

Qi gong classes began today, and as I might have predicted, I am a complete klutz. I am gangly, awkward, and I can't follow directions.  (If animals did qi gong, James our instructor might be a sleek and graceful tiger,  whereas I would be a stork who doesn't know left from right.)

But I am delighted to discover that learning qi gong's "18 postures"  is a challenge.  Its difficulty makes it an even better retirement activity.  I had anticipated that my morning with James and his class would allow me to fulfil some of the usual recommendations for retirees.  "Get exercise" (check).  "Make friends" (check).  And now, knowing how much my brain and body will struggle with this new pursuit,   I get to add  "Master new skills" (check, check and double check).

Monday morning qi gong? -- win, win, win.


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