Friday, 4 November 2011

#115: Crank

Here in Ontario, the leaves are still on the trees and the mums are still blooming in our gardens.  It is autumn, for heaven's sake!   But our stores seem to be consulting a different calendar, one where December 25 comes right after Halloween. 

Thus, I walked into the grocery store yesterday and found a huge display of Christmas flowers.  I understand the amaryllis which take 8 weeks to grow and flower, but who buys poinsettias in early November?  So I had a little rant (more like an annoyed observation) to the poor floral clerk who admitted that she also thought the store was rushing the season.

I don't think I would have sounded off about Christmas Creep 10 years ago.

Perhaps I am crankier now because I am retired?    That is such a scary thought that I bought 3 amaryllis bulbs and went home and planted them.


  1. I guess I can see the point of poinsettias in the northern hemisphere, but they do it here, too. I dread the day that someone thinks a poinsettia is a suitable gift for me.

  2. Well, it certainly is winter here! ...Christmas in the offing becomes much more believable when it is cold and there is snow on the ground. ...NO flowers left blooming. The only spot of colour is found in the red berries of the Mountain Ash (a.k.a. the Rowan Tree)

    Plus we have started rehearsing Christmas music....