Sunday, 27 November 2011

#132: Deja Vu (sort of)

A former colleague and I went over to the library today at noon, just as we used to every Sunday when we worked together.  Back in the old days we took turns driving, and we would chat about everything under the sun as we travelled to and fro.

Same thing today.  I drove, and we headed off-- not to work-- but to the Studio Show and Sale at our former workplace.  We admired the crafts and art, made some purchases, talked to a few Sunday staff and checked out the renovations  (that library building is always being upgraded).   Then we toddled off.  They all seemed to be managing quite well without us.

We had done what we came for, and there was still plenty of time to stop at a knitting shop on the way back.  Our renovated Sundays have definitely been upgraded!

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