Friday, 11 November 2011

#119: TechnoFreak

After two hours, I think I have figured out how to put an Overdrive app on my iTouch so I can read library ebooks on my little Apple device.

The secret (I think) is to first have an iTunes account and an Adobe Digital Editions account that recognize ones own iTouch. (Since it doesn't actually say this on the Overdrive website I need to be prepared to deliver this information, if required, to puzzled Library users.  Tomorrow.  When I work at Hespeler.)

Maybe, if I am very lucky, no one will ask about reading ebooks on their iPhone/iTouch, but if they do I don't want to appear too ignorant.

In the meantime, my 67 year old brain is overwrought and freaked out.  Technology is not my natural metier. But I'm sure all that brain scrambling is very good for me -- sort of like Qi Gong for neurons. 

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