Wednesday, 9 November 2011

#117: Dress Up

No trip to Saskatoon is complete until I have visited "The Mendel", the lovely little art gallery that overlooks the South Saskatchewan River.

I always pop into the gift shop, and this time I overheard an older woman, a Mendel volunteer, admiring a display of hand-woven scarves.   These are lovely, she said, but I have so few opportunities now to get dressed up. 

Ah yes -- I surveyed my own ensemble -- the truth about retirement attire.

The good news:  you can wear jeans every day.  The bad news:  you can wear jeans every day. 

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  1. The Mendel Gallery used to (maybe still does) use one of Grandpa Keevil's paintings in their advertising ....Bessborough By Night.

    When Al and I were first dating (1988) they held a retrospective of Grandpa's work, and we went. ...It was a family reunion of sorts.