Monday, 14 November 2011

#122: Lunch Bar

A Qi Gong friend and I have taken to having lunch together after the class.

At first we ate in the cafe at the seniors' centre.  The prices are very reasonable, and we love that the staff are likely much older than we are, and they are still going strong.  But in other ways, this venue does not measure up.  It is more cafeteria than cafe, so I feel like I am back at the nerd table in high school, albeit with a much, much older crowd.    And while I won't say that the food seems "elderly", it is predictable and uninspired.

I didn't know I was so picky.

So we have now taken to having our coffee at the Second Cup near campus.  Sometimes the students have eaten all the good wraps, the place is noisy, and because the staff forgets to close the walk-in fridge, there is often a cold draft.  (I just get up and close the door, and go back to my conversation.)  Our new hangout does not exactly raise the lunch bar, but for now it is OK.

And when I want a tuna fish sandwich and cream of mushroom soup, I know where to go. 



  1. Was there a 'nerd' table in the cafeteria in high school? ....I can't even remember eating there -- but I must have, because I clearly remember that my mom wouldn't give me anything but a sandwich and an apple -- no cookies. [She was watching my weight! ...sigh] ...But as to WHERE I ate, or who I ate with, I have no recollection whatsoever.

  2. If I was at a table, it was the nerd table.

    I can't think why I took my lunch because I lived two blocks from the school. There must have been some noon-hour club...