Monday, 28 November 2011

#133: Holiday Greetings

How many ways can you say "Thank you!  You are a wonderful volunteer.  We especially appreciate the grand way in which you do xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -- Happy (one size fits all) Holiday!"

Last year at this time, I was working my way through 130 unique, seasonal messages for 130 wonderful volunteers. In my time as the library volunteer coordinator, I must have written about 2000 such cards, so as December 2011 bears down it doesn't feel normal to have so many holiday card-free evenings.  Surely I will wake up in a cold sweat knowing that this task has not been completed.

I guess the only way to relieve my anxiety is to tackle my own Christmas card list ASAP.  And perhaps this year I can actually get them in the mail before the 25th.    

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