Thursday, 24 November 2011

#129: Shoe Envy

On the way to lunch, Millie (my Pittsburgh friend) and I made a side trip to Littles, a big shoe store in Squirrel Hill.

I remembered it from previous visits and knew it had a fabulous selection.  But we were not there to buy--we were merely lusting.  (I don't know what my husband was doing when we were being seduced by shoes.  "Just looking"  is not a concept he comprehends, at all.)  

Millie and I checked out the dressy, high end Thierry Rabotin and Taryn Rose pumps and a complete range of more serviceable sporty flats.  We fingered them, we admired them, and we put them down. But our footwear faves were not what one might imagine;  I wanted the pretty but impractical work-worthy shoes, but she only had eyes for the sturdy flats.

I assured her that retirement would provide more than enough opportunity for comfort shoes.  Be careful what you wish for.

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