Tuesday, 22 November 2011

#127: Cinema for Codgers

It was drizzly and damp in Pittsburgh on Monday afternoon so three of us went to a 2:15 movie at The Manor.

The theatre was practically empty, except for a handful of (what appeared to be) retirees.  (Full disclosure leads me to admit that our friend is looking forward to retirement, but is not there yet.)

Without preamble, J Edgar began. There were no trailers.  There were no ads.  Not one.  Not even a Christmas Coke commercial with a bunch of happy penguins.

Advertisers are missing a *golden* opportunity. Don't they realize the demographic attending afternoon films? A captive audience of older viewers is just waiting to be bombarded with marketing for Depends, life insurance, and those walk-in bathtubs where people always seem to wear housecoats.

An interesting idea, eh?

But let's keep it to ourselves.



  1. Great to have you back. I can imagine what Depends would be.

  2. I would think the advertising industry should catch on shortly, as all those baby boomers edge into their senior years! ....I read that in 18 years (why 18, I don't know) seniors will determine a lot of public policy with their voting power.