Monday, 16 July 2012

#294: Happy Anniversary!!

We've just returned from a weekend getaway to Niagara on the Lake, one of the prettiest little towns in Ontario.

A highlight of our visit was an anniversary dinner at the Charles Inn restaurant which has a reputation for fine dining and great atmosphere.  No riff-raff allowed.  In spite of the sweltering heat, Bruce (and all the other male diners) wore closed-toe shoes and long pants to conform with the dress regulations.

We were waiting for drinks at our table overlooking the garden when we heard two other groups being seated.  I peeked at our companions: a middle-aged couple (also nicely attired) directly behind us, and two women around the corner.

Then I heard our waitress Jasmine chatting to the couple. "Welcome to the Charles Inn!  Where are you from?"  Toronto.   "Is this a special occasion?"  Yes, it's our 26th anniversary.  We were planning on going to Italy, but our daughter went instead.  So this is our anniversary treat.  Jasmine disappeared, and our beverages arrived along with two flutes of champagne that were delivered with a flourish the anniversary table behind us.

AHEM! If one can shout a thought, that's what I was doing, arms mentally waving over head. Anniversary table over here by the window!!  46 years!  Pretty Special!

Then we could hear Jasmine addressing the two women diners, and I heard them explain that they were celebrating a birthday.  Yikes.  I wonder if they got fancy cupcakes with little candles at the end of their meal.

What were we? No one had asked where we were from or if we were out for a celebratory dinner!    

I was feeling just a wee bit annoyed.  Then I figured it out.

Niagara-on-the-Lake is always awash in older folk -- retired people who can afford to stay in a charming B & B, go to a play and a have a nice meal or two.  They do it all the time simply because they can.  We would not appear to be that unusual.

I forgave Jasmine.  We didn't really need the champagne anyway.  We would be seeing Come Back Little Sheba after our dinner and we needed to stay awake.  You know how these old people get when they've had too much to drink....


  1. Congratulations on the anniversary: I bet it was a lovely restaurant - such an attractive town.
    Missed your blog while you were away.

  2. And my oh can be very difficult indeed to identify the letters to prove oneself not to be a robot. I really did try on my two unsuccessful attempts, wondering if it was mirror writing. Howevewer, thrid time lucky...