Sunday, 29 July 2012

#307: Faster, Higher, Oops....

I am not one to glue myself to the television at any time, but I do like checking in on the drama that is the Olympics, and the fact that it is in London this year makes it all the more special.

Retired folks who like that sort of thing can enjoy the 24-hour spectacle wherever, whenever.  Perfect.

Unless, of course, you gave up your cable and installed an Apple TV box that works in conjunction with your computer and your wifi network.  Now you have lots of access to whatever iTunes has on offer but no actual television live CTV Olympic coverage, in other words.

Mind you, there is a solution.  It's called an antenna, and we were to have had one installed yesterday except that the antenna guy is ill and we have had to re-book a time two weeks from now.    

By then, the USA, China and Australia will have won their gazillion medals without any help from from us.  The closing ceremonies will be over and Brazil will have the Olympic flag all neatly packed in a suitcase for the trip to Rio.

And we will have seen none of it except if we make a point of watching highlights on our home computers . 


But don't let me spoil your fun.  Enjoy!   Please jump up and down and cheer for me when Clara Hughes hits the track.

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