Tuesday, 31 July 2012

#309: Senior Olympics

I’ve explained my strict Olympics diet to a few people.  “I have no access to regular television coverage”, I tell them.  “No Olympics for me.  If I want to weigh in on the 16-year old Chinese swimming phenome, I have to get all my information from the radio, newspaper or internet.”

My daughter tells me to head for a pub, park myself in front of the TV, and have a drink.

My retirement home friends think I should just come and watch Olympic events with them.  The big TVs in their lounges and many of the televisions in their rooms are permanently stuck on CTV for official Canadian Olympics coverage.

Residents and staff of the home are into the Olympics in a big way.  Country standings are posted in every public area (with Canada at the top).  Profiles of Canadian athletes are part of a gigantic display that includes an Olympic “flame” that will flutter and glow until London’s last Olympics’ hurrah.

The retirement home has had its own Olympic events, too. I noticed a pile of “nerf” archery equipment that I’m sure was part of some sort of competition.  There was cycling, for sure, and I’m so sorry to have missed “Nellie” (that’s her blog name) after her big (stationary) bicycle race.

Knowing she came to Canada from Holland in the 50’s I was pretty sure Nellie would remember Fanny Blankers-Koen the Dutch Housewife Who Cleaned Up in London in 1948.  She did, indeed.  Young Nellie was among those cheering as Fanny was paraded through the streets of Amsterdam.  I pointed out that elderly Brits still feel aggrieved, but Nellie just laughed. She had her own delighted memories of this national upset.

I think a retirement home is the best venue for Olympic viewing, hands down!

Or perhaps I should make that “hands up”:  check out the Senior Synchro Team at another spirited retirement home....