Thursday, 5 July 2012

#296: Car Free Retiree?

One of our vehicles is otherwise occupied this week, so I thought what a good opportunity to practice being a one-car couple!

And the one-car-thing hasn't been a huge challenge, so far. Minor negotiations have sorted out potential problems.

MeI'm going to need the car this afternoon.
HeFine.  I'll have it home on time.

HeI'll need the car for Tai Chi tonight.
MeOK.  I'll have it back by 5:30.

So I've had to come up with some imaginary conversations:

Me:  I'm having lunch in Cambridge this afternoon.
He:  What?  I have a meeting at the Y at 1:30.  That's too far to walk.

HeSo you know that I have the car in Toronto all day tomorrow...
MeNo!  I'm volunteering at the retirement home all afternoon and I have books to carry. I wish the bus were more convenient.  We need two cars!

There we are:  a balanced look at the problem.

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