Thursday, 26 July 2012

#304: Performance Appraisal

Librarians who work with the public are often profusely thanked for the simplest of services -- finding the perfect book on origami,  showing someone how to use a database or recommending a mystery exciting enough for an 8-hour flight. Pleased patrons always let you know.

That is one of the things I thought I would miss about my job, but my retirement home clients are grateful too, and never fail to let me know.  Most of my residential readers just say "thank you", but some take it to the next level. One lady blows kisses and another has declared that she thinks of me as a friend as well as her personal librarian.  My favourite compliment, though, came from 93 year old Elizabeth who recently told me "You are a light in my life!"


Isn't that a lovely thought worth sharing?  So feel free to use it.  I definitely will.  I know Elizabeth won't mind a bit if I quote her.  I could, in fact, say this to most of the people I visit as I go about my library volunteering.  Back at you, Elizabeth!

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