Wednesday, 4 July 2012

#295: Happy Birthday!

Bruce celebrated his 70th birthday on July 2.  That was a family occasion so we thought it would be fun to keep the festivities going with a dinner party for some former colleagues this weekend.  There will be 14 in attendance, which is a lot for me. Fortunately, Bruce is going to bake his own cake, but I am signed up for everything else.

Had I been working I would have had to take time off to get ready. But no, I'm retired so I have oodles of  opportunity to make a couple of fancy casseroles, some salads and one other dessert.  And clean the house.  And spiff up the garden.

It appears that my capacity to over-estimate my ability remains unaffected by retirement.  I wonder if I can talk the birthday boy into doing some vacuuming?

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