Tuesday, 3 July 2012

#294: Look Good at Any Age

Have you ever been lured by a magazine headline that promises “Look Good at Any Age” only to discover that “any age” has a very narrow definition?  Seventy-plus rarely makes the cut, even in magazines like More which are pitched at mature women.   And if an older model is included in an all ages spread, often as not she is wearing impractical designer outfits that regular retirees (like me) could not afford.

That is why I love Seattle fashion consultant Angie Cox’s monthly online fashion blog, You Look Fab.  Angie often writes about her own clients including older women who are real people, wearing real clothes.  And they do look fabulous.

Check out 71 year old Karen, a retired social worker who looks well-put together and just-edgy- enough in an outfit that did not break the bank.  Even I might be able to shop in my closet and pull off a similar look now that I am inspired!           

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