Sunday, 8 July 2012

#299: What Did You Say?

3 Guys on Beach (1 card/1 envelope) - Birthday Card - FRONT: It's windy today! No, it's Thursday! So am I! Let's have a beer!  INSIDE: This birthday, surround yourself with friends who really understand you!  Happy Birthday!

This birthday card from Bruce's friend Marshall really made us laugh.

Bruce and I have had similar exchanges where variations on the same sounds (email, pail, sail)  caused all sorts of  confusion.

As a result, in the Ryan household there are some new conversational rules in play: 

  • don't talk while running water
  • don't talk while facing the other direction
  • don't assume that you will be heard from upstairs when your listener is in the kitchen
  • don't get annoyed if you have to explain or repeat something

And as the card points out in its interior message:  things always go better if you surround yourself with friends who really understand you.

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