Saturday, 5 May 2012

#241: Fashion File

My early morning trip to the grocery store yesterday stalled a bit when I noticed that my t-shirt was inside out.  Should I just leave it? After all, it was going to be under a jacket. No one would notice.

But, I would notice.  I would feel as if I were truly giving in to slipshod tendencies. Not something I want to encourage in myself now that I am retired.  Next thing, I would be forgetting my bra. So I fixed the shirt.

And I’m not the only 68 year old woman out there who thinks that grocery shopping is a reason to look respectable.  In fact, once I started checking out my older fellow shoppers, I concluded that retirees, --especially the women—look pretty darn well turned out.  You don’t see them pushing their shopping carts around Zehrs dressed in pajama bottoms, sweat shirts and Crocs.  Perhaps, like me, they have sartorial standards to maintain for fear of looking like sloppy (and incompetent) pensioners.

But there could be some other reasons at play.  Perhaps these well-groomed older women getting groceries:
  •   own a pre-retirement wardrobe of nice clothes and still wear them, even to the grocery store.
  •   have the time to search their closets for a good-looking outfit and the right accessories.
  •  want to look their best because they might see someone they know while shopping,  (They know that if they look unkempt, they are guaranteed to meet someone they know.)
  •  are actually going out later and want to look nicely well turned-out.
So, for the record, if you see me at Zehrs I will be wearing underwear and all my clothes (even the ones you can’t see) the right way around.

I may even have a more exciting appointment after the shopping is done.       

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