Monday, 21 May 2012

#257: May Long: Bring It On

Today is Victoria Day, aka May Two-Four, or May Long if you live out West.

A Manitoba friend has pointed out that even if it feels like every other day to retirees, May Long (or whatever you call it) is still the holiday that ushers in warmer weather and the promise of summer. 

Not a little thing if you spend half the year digging through snowdrifts.

Her observation reminded me that this year, I will have unlimited opportunity to enjoy the summer.  I will not be working and I will not be on holidays since we probably won’t do much travelling until the end of August.  I can enjoy my yard and garden, sit on the deck in the evening in balmy weather, stoke up the barbecue and walk into town for ice cream..... any day of the week.

So many simple summer pleasures await, without even leaving town.

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