Wednesday, 9 May 2012

#245: Do Retirees Rule the Marketplace?

Today I did a bit of shopping.

First I went to a hair salon downtown where another senior and I were the only clients. Then I dropped into the bookshop where two or three older people were checking out the displays.  In two clothing stores I tried on dresses along with a couple of women my age. 

With a few more errands to complete, I visited the drugstore near the mall.  By now, I was consciously on the lookout for older customers.  Sure enough, several were maneuvering their walkers around Shoppers Drug Mart, and it wasn’t even Seniors’ Day.

Then off to the bird-feed store to stock up.  Again, the retirees were lined up at the till.

By the time I got home, I could anticipate the answer when I asked my husband about the barber shop cohort waiting with him when he got his hair cut that morning.   Yes, indeed: “Just the usual bunch of retired guys.”

Is it my imagination, or do seniors keep the wheels of commerce turning from Monday to Friday?

Of course, I was only in and out of senior-friendly stores.  I didn’t check out the tattoo parlors and skater shops.  Or the hemp store.

Perhaps more research is indicated....

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